The Snow Leopard – Eve of The Hunt – Asia Carrera


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The Snow Leopard – Eve of The Hunt – Asia Carrera

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Asia Carrera stars as a scientist searching for the snow leopard in mythical Bardot.

Her research is made complicated by poachers and unexpected true love.
The sex ranges from tender to flat-out phenomenal.
While blowjobs are the specialite de maison in this film,
all the sex is performed with style and skill by stars who are almost too sexy to believe.

Eve of the hunt. Night on the verge of extinction…
The predator is about to become the prey.

Category Feature, Plot Based, Couples, 2000 AVN Award Winner
Starring :
Randy Spears, Mark Davis, Stephanie Swift, Lexington Steele, Asia Carrera, Taylor St. Claire,
Temptress, Alec Metro, Gina Ryder, Brick Majors, Cheyenne Silver, Halli Aston, Ashton Moore, Jennifer Lee, James Bonn

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