The Mark of Amazon


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The Mark of Amazon – Irene Boss

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Goddess Amazon from the Other World Kingdom (Holland) arrives
in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with her two toys and feels like playing outdoors.
Irene just happens to have access to some land 2 hours away,
so the whole crew packs off to the countryside for a few days.

The weather was very interesting, and added an element of moodiness to the texture of the video.
The light in this project is amazing! If you like outdoor play, then you will love this video!
There is canine and equestrian training, whipping, flogging, suspension, caning,
and lots of shots of the ladies walking around in their gorgeous boots.
Back at the Compound, the ladies engage the slaves in some serious indoor play.
They take turns on one slave, forcing the other to watch.
Slave brynn must serve as a demonstration tool – lying on the electric bed
while Boss tries out her new electric butterfly board and takes him on a roller coaster ride with the novus system.
Slave Alpha does some serious time in the sit sling undergoing piercing, electroplay and intense tickling.
The wrap up involves a remarkable branding scene at the end which is very touching,
where slave alpha declares his eternal love for his Mistress by agreeing to wear her mark for the rest of his life.

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