Hee Haw Bitch / Boot Camp – Goddess Claudia and


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Hee Haw Bitch / Boot Camp – Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss

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Film 1 –
"Goddess Claudia and the Hee Haw bitch"
Strict discipline in the Compound's OWK room. Filmed by Boss and slave girl whisper. Watch Goddess Claudia give former Compound houseboy little johnny proper discipline for being late to his session. She had planned a sensuous session, but Johnny had disrespected her time. There is a lot of spanking and paddling in this video, as well as intense boot worship. Claudia wears gorgeous custom made corset and thigh high leather boots. There is a lot of humor! Find out the rest of the story! Excellent camera angles.

Film 2 –
"Boot Camp"
2 slaves compete in a contest of hairbrush spanking to see who earns the right to worship Irene.s boots! One slave shows up early and gets a good slap across the face! Spanking, caning, and bondage. The special caning stockade and spanking bench are used. Boss in supple skintight black leather pants boots and bra. Takes place in lobby and schoolroom.

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